C_printf.c 12 Kb A C-source for PRINTF exported to LISP. Delisp.exe 9 Kb An EXE to delete all possible from the LISP file. Ltdump.lsp 2 Kb A LISP for saving linetype information in external LIN file. Re-list.lsp 7 Kb Some research. Revpline.lsp 2 Kb Reverse polyline. SaveData.lsp 5 Kb Save arbitrary data via Dictionaries in R13/14. SaveData.txt 9 Kb Some explanations to the above. Splin.lsp 4 Kb Spline conversions. Vnestr.llb 19 Kb General collection of my functions, with relevant postings. acis_decode.txt 5 Kb Decode ACIS info discussion from USENET. error.lsp 4 Kb General error-handling. error.txt 4 Kb Some explanations to the above. index.html 4 Kb Main page. isolate.txt 1 Kb Isolate layer for editing. lisp_encryption.txt 776 bytes USEFUL info about encripting LISP files. mapcar.txt 5 Kb An explanation of HOW MAPCAR and LAMBDA work. mergesort.lsp 2 Kb General sort by user-specified comparison and/or value function. fibb.lsp 1 Kb Arbitrary precision Fibbonacchi sequence generator. profile.lsp 7 Kb An AutoLISP profiler for measuring the execution speed of functions.